Agnese Vanaga

Agnese has obtained BA degree in arts from the Cultural Academy of Latvia. Besides she has studied acrobatic gymnastics, folk dances, contemporary and jazz dance, choreography, tango dance, tap and aerial dance, as well as attended piano and singing lessons.

She obtained a Masters´ degree in dance with her thesis and the piece “Story from The Lullaby” (which was staged in many international halls) from the Theatre Academy of Finland. She has also attended advanced seminars and residencies in the Dance Web Viena, University of Dance.

She has been granted over 20 scholarships and awards as choreographer and performer among which the most important were: Soros Foundation, Latvian Culture Foundation, Consulate of Norse Countries, among others.

She took part in several productions with works of her own, both nationally and internationally.

Cooperative projects:

SOMBRAS QUE SE ALARGAN (with Hugo Mastrolorenzo)

PACK (with Juan Onofri Barbato)

TANGO MISTERIOSA PASION (with Hugo Mastrolorenzo)

As performer:

10y10danza, Spain

Kekäläinen & Compañía, Finland.

Fura del Baus, Spain.

Olga Zitluhina´s Company of Contemporary Dance, Latvia.

Latvian National Opera.

Collaborations and short-term projects:

With David Zambrano, Bettina Holzhausen, Hicole Caccivio. Also, commercial productions with rock band “Modern Talking”, rock musical comedy “Faust Deus Ex Machina”, several projects with “Cuerda Contenidos y producciones aéreos” and with Fuerza Bruta for the Argentinean Bicentennial parade.

She is currently working on independent projects in the areas of teaching, interpretation and direction in different genres of dance, such as aerial dance, tango and contemporary partnerwork.


Pablo Etcheverry

He graduated from the National Conservatory of Drama Cunil Cabanellas, holds a University Degree in Theatre Direction from the IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte – National University Institute of Art), a University degree in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a Teachers´ degree in Social Studies, UBA.

Pablo is an International dancer and Tango Master. He has had training in Floor Acrobatics and Handstanding and has participated in over 500 international musical shows since 1992.

He played a part in the movie “En los zaguanes, ángeles muertos” (In the hallways, dead angels), directed by Alberto Félix Alberto (1996).

He performed as a dancer in the Orquesta Típica “Tangarte” (Sweeden) (2002 – 2007) and represented Sweeden in the World Tango Summit Meeting in Valparaíso, 2007.

He worked as Master of Tango Nuevo in the Cultural Center “Caras y Caretas” (2008 – 2009)

He is the organizer and Master of the tango practice “Bien de Abajo” in the Gazebo in the Barrancas de Belgrano Park, in Buenos Aires (2005 – 2010)

Pablo combines the best of the old milongueros with the most diverse tendencies and styles, and that makes him “unclassifiable”.

Porteño, to the bone.

Those who love him, fear for his soul...

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